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Calculates your monthly payment (PITI) given the purchase price, down payment, interest rate, term, annual taxes and insurance.

Calculates the amount you can borrow based upon your income and monthly debt while factoring in interest rate and down payment.

Uses the 28/36 Rule to calculate your allowable monthly payment based upon your debt to income ratio.

Calculates Loan Amortization. Returns a schedule of payments for the loan duration. Calculates PMI and gives an end date for PMI payments based upon loan to value.

  1. Calculates the CAP Rate for an investment property based upon purchase price and gross annual income.
  2. Estimates the value of an investment property based upon prevailing cap rates and gross annual income.

Calculates the return on a rental property comparing your annual net operating income against your total upfront initial investment.

Calculates IRS Depreciation Allowance for residential and commercial properties.